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Top 3 Causes of Unsuccessful Claims

Chasing compensation for a UK Personal Injury Claim is all about receiving the justice that the victim deserves. If a person is involved in an accident that was not their fault and has had profound negative effects upon their personal or professional life, then they are entitled to fight for their justice.
Using a personal injury solicitor, the injured party can seek monetary compensation for their troubles. The personal injury solicitor will collate all of the details applicable to the case and make a proposal to the guilty party/parties. There are a few pitfalls that the victim needs to be vigilante in order to avoid.
Failure to Report the Accident
Always make sure that the accident is reported to the applicable authority. Whether it is the police or the property owner, a report of the incident needs to be made. This will maintain that the accident and its details therein have authority and gravitas. If no accident report has been filed, then the insurer who investigates the claim on the behalf of the defendant will deny responsibility for the accident. It is possible to make a successful claim without an accident report, but the chances are greatly improved by a full and accurate accident report.

Lack of Evidence or Witnesses
It is important to accrue as much evidence of the incident as possible. The more evidence that is present in the claim submission, the more authority that the case has. The more information available, the stronger the claim's case is. Where possible, write down all of the information attributable to the incident. Investigate whether the incident has been caught on any CCTV cameras that are monitoring the area where the accident took place.

Any witnesses to the incident should be approached for evidence. Take a statement from them as well as their contact details. They will then be able to provide evidence to support a successful claim. This impartial input could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case.
Lack of Medical Report
The medical report is important to confirm the extent of the injury suffered in the accident. A reported injury without an official report from a medical professional will not hold any weight in the claims process. Anybody could make up a number of different injuries in an attempt to further their cause and case. A claim without an accurate and up-to-date medical report will be instantly dismissed by the claims officials.