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Why you should claim compensation for a back injury

People are sometimes reticent to claim for a back injury, and conversely, others can be suspicious of those who do, primarily because it is not strictly a visible problem. However, back problems can seriously impede quality of life, your ability to earn money and sometimes, to enjoy healthy relationships.

Back injuries are often sustained at work and can also be a result of repetitive actions over time, which can make it difficult to prove it was as a result of work and therefore making injury claims uk for compensation less straightforward. What's more, back injuries can be triggered at one stage and then later develop, sometimes through only minor exacerbations, thereby disguising the root cause.

Insurance companies will also make the most of these factors by trying to prove either that the injury sustained is not that bad or that the employer is not at fault. Underhand tactics can include blaming previous back problems, an exaggeration of symptoms and sometimes even secret surveillance of the claimant or an assertion that the alleged injury, either through an accident or prolonged period, did not take place.

These reasons, combined with a lack of physical evidence of pain, can potentially make personal injury compensation off putting for those who rightfully deserve compensation. The fact that it can be caused at work can further compound the problem through not wanting to rile an existing employer.

However, despite these uphill struggles, back problems can cause considerable difficulties throughout life, often worsening over time, and so it should not ever be felt that a claim for a back injury is not worthwhile. Directly, back injuries can result in constant pain, not being able to sleep, an inability to have or enjoy sex, and an inability to work and therefore earn money.

There can also be many knock on effects including depression, feelings of isolation, lack of support from having no visible injury, confusion over medical options and anxiety at whether or not it is curable, which it often isn't.

Suffering from some or all of these problems will massively impact the quality of your life, not least because of the likely financial difficulties if you are unable to earn money. If you have no income protection insurance then you will have to face mortgage repayments and bills alone, and even if you are eligible for disability benefits these may not cover even your basic costs.

Choose a solicitor you feel comfortable with, with a proven track record in previous back injury claims.