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Choosing a solicitor for your personal injury claim

If you have suffered a personal injury and wish to make a claim the first step is to find and an appoint a solicitor. Once you are in the process of a claim it's very difficult to change solicitors and so it's important to get the decision right from the start. Below are some factors you may wish to take in to account.

Expertise and success rates

When choosing a solicitor it's important to ascertain how experienced they are in the personal injury field and what their success rates are within it. Don't be afraid to ask direct questions; solicitors themselves have to be as thorough as possible in their research and so they won't mind if you do the same. Find out what areas of law they specialise in, for example if solely personal injury or if this makes up only some of their cases, and if they specialise in a particular injury. If they do, and it's not the same as yours, you may wish to consider an alternative option.

Find out how long they have been practicing, including specifically in personal injury compensation uk, and then ask them their success rates. It may feel confrontational to ask this head on however it's the closest you'll get in establishing the likelihood of them succeeding with your own personal injury claim. Also ask how many of their cases actually go to trial; some will prefer to settle in which case they may get less compensation for you.


Many solicitors will work on a 'no win no fee' basis for personal injury claims uk which means that you will only pay their fee if the claim is successful. Because you will then be in a position of being awarded compensation it may be easy to disregard cost as an important factor, but you should do as the fees can vary widely (and fees on this basis are often higher than their standard fees so check that too).

The cheapest may not necessarily mean the best value for money however, so see how their fees look when taking in to account what you will get from them, for example a high success rate and availability. There may also be costs that can be incurred as part of the process so check if they would absorb these potential costs too.


some claims can take several months to get to trial or settlement so it's imperative that you work with someone that you feel you can get on with and trust. If their expertise and rates are favourable but you don't feel comfortable with them then don't choose them, there will be many other experienced solicitors with comparable credentials.

If a prospective solicitor seems dismissive, patronising or rushed when you first meet them it's likely you will experience similar treatment throughout the process. Find out if it's them only that you'll be dealing with or if there will be a team working on the case; sometimes the latter is preferable as it should mean better availability.

If, when doing your research, you find it hard to get hold of a particular solicitor or if you are finding it hard to get answers to your questions then take this as a sign to avoid them at all cost!