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Common Causes of Lorry and HGV Accidents

Due to the sheer weight of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and the high speed in which it can travel; involvement in an accident with a HGV can have devastating effects upon the affected parties. Even highly trained, professional lorry drivers are liable to be involved in dangerous accidents. It is important to have a complete understanding of potential HGV accidents in order to pre-empt possible problems.


Tailgating refers to the practice of driving in close proximity of the vehicle in front. This is quite common practice with lorries and HGVs in poor visibility weather. Drivers like to follow the lorries due to their high number of lights and subsequent high visibility. However, it can be incredibly dangerous should the vehicle in front suddenly brake due to the high risk of a collision.

Failure to Look

When attempting to make a driving manoeuvre such as changing lanes it is always important to make sure that you look where you are going. This is particularly important for lorries and HGVs due to their large size. If you have been injured after being hit by a HGV carelessly making such a manoeuvre then you could be entitled to make a UK Personal Injury Claim.

Fatigue/Illness and Drugs or Alcohol

If you have been hit by a lorry or HGV driver who was suffering by fatigue or illness or under the influence of alcohol or drugs then you could be entitled to UK Personal Injury Compensation. Professional lorry and HGV drivers may be inclined to drive for longer periods than their body and mind allows in order to meet deadlines and arrive at their destination in better time. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal so the guilty party will be more liable to your claims.

Using Mobile Phones

It is illegal for somebody to use a hand-held mobile telephone whilst driving. The use of such a device causes a distraction and can interfere with driving standards and safety. If you have been hit by a driver who was using a mobile telephone device then you could be entitled to significant UK Injury Compensation.

High Winds

Forces of nature do not excuse a guilty party of their crimes and liability. When there are adverse weather conditions such as high winds, extra care should be taken to ensure that the vehicle is being driven slowly. If you have been struck and injured by a vehicle that has not adopted a safer manner in which to travel in adverse conditions then you could be entitled to make a UK Personal Injury Claim.