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School Pupil Bus Crash Victims Seek Compensation

School pupils who suffered injuries when a bus they were travelling in crashed have started the process to make Personal Injury Compensation claims. Like many who have suffered injuries that were not their fault, the pupils have sought out the compensation that they deserve to help rebuild their lives.

Three children are suing Stagecoach Bluebird, the bus operator responsible for the crash. Each of the children and the families are seeking five-figure sums in compensations..

The crash occurred in October 2010 in Kincardineshire, Scotland and the children have been receiving medical care and attention since. The welfare of the children was of paramount importance to the families and the school and they now seek the compensation that they are entitled to.

The bus operator was guilty of endangering the safety of the children whilst driving from Mearns Academy to the St Cyrus area when the double-decker bus toppled into a field. The bus was travelling in poor weather conditions and the correct safety precautions were not undertaken. This negligence led to the accident and subsequently the injuries suffered by the three school children.

Injury Claims UK means that if the bus operator is found guilty of negligence then they could face losing tens of thousands of pounds to the affected children and their family. By making a UK Personal Injury Claim, the children will be exercising their right to seek compensation for injuries suffered in an accident that was not their fault.

The injuries suffered by the children were very serious with one child receiving a broken collar bone and extensive bruising. Another of the children suffered an excruciating broken should bone and elbow lacerations. The final child suffered extensive internal bruising.

All three children had to be treated by specialist staff at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Solicitor Syd Smith revealed that legal action was due to be taken: "Initial court action has been raised in the Court of Session. All three will be seeking compensation for injuries caused by the crash."

The accident has had further repercussions as its after-effects continue to be keenly felt. Stagecoach has agreed that only single decker buses will travel on that route and similarly dangerous route as to not further compromise the welfare of any more children. Likewise children are now instructed to fasten their seatbelts when travelling by bus. Teachers and school staff are now warned of any adverse weather conditions before travelling.