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We may be able to assist with if you have been injured by one of the causes listed below.

Road traffic accidents

This is the result of a vehicle collision or impact for which you are not to blame.

Slips, trips and falls

At a person's workplace, in public places, supermarkets, shops, due to a defect that with reasonable care should have been rectified and you should have been made aware of

Employer's liability

Work accidents may be the result of inadequate health and safety precautions. By law, employers are required to safeguard employees from accidents and if they have failed in their duty of care, an employee injured in an accident is entitled to claim compensation for their injuries. The law protects employees from being dismissed for claiming against their employer and as most claims are settled by the employer's insurers there is no reason not to claim.

Industrial injury and industrial disease

The law requires all employers to maintain a safe working environment for their employees, exposure to hazardous substances. Even if your health deteriorates after you have stopped working you may be able to claim compensation

Industrial Deafness

Workplace noise induced hearing loss. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 indicates various actions where if the noise reaches a certain level an employer must take action to enforce the use of hearing protection.

Medical Negligence

Injuries caused by mistakes in medical procedures